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Bulmen Consultant Group provides award winning service to our clients through direct sales & marketing. Our team of three-dozen professionals will research target markets, and pair you with the best corporate trainer that will bring you the most success.

At Bulmen Consultant Group we uphold high standards for our entire team, based upon a set of core value. These values guide our conduct and goals on a daily basis. Among these, three of the most important are Integrity, Professionalism, and Fun.

Integrity is a guiding light that dictates our action day to day. Our focus is on building a foundation of honest and ethical behavior with our clientele and team. Ultimately, we always strive to do the right thing, no matter what.

Professionalism allows our team to perform at its highest level, promoting personal development. Maintaining a goal-oriented atmosphere creates the opportunity for continued growth and expansion.

What sets us apart, though, is our fun work environment. Our team consists of positive, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals. We truly have a "work hard, play hard" mentality.

Our Professionals

ABOUT Bulmen Consultant Group

We are a direct marketing and sales company. Our team is the professional face that attracts, engages and retains loyal, profitable customers for our client. Trained in advanced selling strategies, our team call on our clients' targeted customers to offer products and services that meet their needs.

Due to the globalization of today's economy, we have become irreplaceable to our clients. This is due to the ability of our specific business techniques to acquire, increase and market share. We act as our clients's voice, treating their customer with respect and courtesy- as if they were our own.

No matter the education or previous experience of our team, Bulmen Consultant Group provides hand on training to ensure each individual acquires necessary skills to be effective managers. With the application of knowledge from daily pre-management meetings, public speaking, networking events and travel, we guarantee success for each individual of our team.

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​​Bulmen Consultant Group, Inc is a full service events and promotions firm located in Downtown, Chicago. We give companies the chance to streamline their business.



 Bulmen Consultant Group, is located in the Downtown neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Our executive team specializes in delivering results through exceptional direct marketing and sales strategies.

Representing some of the world's largest brands in the telecommunications, outreach government programs, and energy industries, we guarantee continued client satisfaction. We have a number of management offices nationwide and, by the end of 2018, we will be expanding into three existing and new markets. 

Bulmen Consultants' focus is on personal development, entrepreneurship and community involvement ,bringing a new meaning to work life balance. As well, this contributes to our teams' professional development to maintain sustainable business relationships

Advancement is integral part our culture and is solely based on results generated. Additionally, tenure and age are not restraints for growth within Bulmen Consultant Group.